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Ruđer Bošković Institute

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Bijenička street 54

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Central Croatia

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Croatia (HR)

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The Ruđer Bošković Institute is regarded as Croatia’s leading scientific institute in the natural and biomedical sciences as well as marine and environmental research.

The Institute is the largest Croatian scientific research center of a multidisciplinary character. The mission of the Institute is excellent scientific research in the natural, biomedical, and engineering sciences, with contributions to higher education and cooperation with the business sector based on outstanding scientific research. The vision of the Institute is to be a recognized top European center of scientific excellence.

Analysis of Scientific Potential

The Institute participates in numerous internationally and nationally financed and international peer-reviewed scientific projects, such as those within the framework of the program Horizon 2020, programs of the IAEA, FP7, Croatian Science Foundation (HrZZ), NATO, NSF, ICGEB and projects of other foreign scientific foundations.

The Institute is currently engaged in over 200 projects, for which over half of the total funding is from European Union projects and other international sources.

The Institute also has capital scientific research equipment valued at over 100 million HRK. Furthermore, the Institute is the leading institution in the Republic of Croatia in terms of number of papers published in international scientific journals, especially in the category of the most prestigious journals.

The Institute, with its research capacities, knowledge, and scientific excellence has assumed the role of linking science with the business sector of The Republic of Croatia.

A multidisciplinary approach is one of the key strengths of the Institute, which provides comprehensive solutions for a broad spectrum of socially important issues.






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