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ALDENT is a university specialized only in the medical field. This makes it possible to offer our students special attention and adequate space. The teaching staff consists of the best specialists in relevant fields, most of who have specialized in Italy, Germany, and U.S. etc. The University is very well equipped with laboratories and it has available and appropriate means of teaching practical skills. This University provides the ideal conditions for theoretical and practical learning. Stomatology students and Dental Technicians perform all types of works in the laboratory and in patients. Students of Pharmacy, Nursing and Physiotherapy, in addition to practicing in school laboratories, pursue internships in pharmacies and hospitals in Tirana. The school curriculum is implemented based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration and offers similar programs to those of the well-recognized universities in all European countries and America. To serve this purpose we have harnessed the extensive experience of the teaching staff of the university. The University is founded and run by doctors and professors with extensive experience in teaching. The connections of the University professors with medical experts from around the world are a guarantee of quality and longterm success.Students graduating at this university are among the most sought in the work market, not only for their theoretical preparation and practical skills, but also for piety and devotion to the profession. 

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