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Institute of Geosciences is a national scientific research center in Albania, in the field of regional and applied geology, seismology, meteorology, hydrology, and the environment. It has a mission to advance the scientific research using the most modern technology and methodology in the field of geosciences for the long-term benefit of the Albanian economy and society. Also, it aims to contribute to teaching for an in-depth university education of students, as well as to the qualification of young scientists, combining advanced and innovative scientific research with educational experiences in the geosciences field. Institute of Geosciences monitors and evaluates natural hazards such as earthquakes, storms, avalanches, floods, droughts, fires, active tectonics, massive mass movements, soil erosion, etc., with the aim of the risk reduction. Therefore, for the next decades, scientific research in the geosciences field will be addressed directly related to society's challenges to natural hazards, climate change, natural resources, water and land use, etc. Our vision is for the Institute of Geosciences to be an elite scientific research institution in the field of geosciences in our country, and an important international partner to contribute and serve the economic development and society in Albania and beyond.

IGEO owns and operate the national Seismic, Hydrological and Meteorological Network.

IGEO owns and uses the national data archive of seismology, meteorology and hydrology, both analogues and digital formats, to accomplish the operational and strategical support towards civil protection structures, as well as to support the scientific research and academic activities. Institute is responsible to generate, update, modernize and secure the national data archive.

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Bulletin of Natural Hazards - IGEO

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