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The Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS) is a primary unit of the University of Tirana since its foundation in 1957. The faculty was created upon the heritage and history of High Institute of Pedagogy, a 4-year long system (1951-1957), which was the first institution in Albania to train teachers, and the organization of several sectors of the Science and Polytechnic Institute. 

Since its creation, FNS has been the main centre in Albania for the training of high-level specialists in mathematics, physics, chemistry, industrial chemistry, biology, biotechnology and informatics, as well as one of the most important institutions in the country for training high school teachers. 

FNS is organized into 8 departments: Department of Biology, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Physics, Department of Informatics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Department of Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Research Centre of Flora and Fauna. 

The Faculty of Natural Sciences, in accordance with the objectives of the University of Tirana, aims to provide higher education for local students and more, continuing studies and specializations, scientific research and supporting activities in the natural sciences fields. 

The mission of FNS is the training of individuals qualified in natural sciences fields and in teaching 

these subjects while creating, developing and transferring knowledge though academic teaching and scientific research in order to nurture the freedom and diversity of ideas to build and strengthen the democratic society. 

By transferring the modern university level of knowledge to the students, which is updated and derived from the most recent research in natural sciences fields, we help them gain the knowledge necessary to continue their education further, whether in the country or in international institutions, as well as to be qualified specialists ready for the job market. 

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