Croatian Scientific Bibliography

Croatian Scientific Bibliography

The Croatian Scientific Bibliography CROSBI contains data on more than 520,000 publications by Croatian scientists, and from its very beginning was based on new and advanced concepts:

  • the functionality of open access repository (along with the bibliographic record it is possible to archive full text)
  • the Bibliography is created by scientists/authors themselves as information providers (authors provide data about their publications)
  • Publication data is only entered once and then can be used for different purposes (data harvesting for other systems, CV creation, data exchange with other systems, export of data in different formats for individual, institutional and other needs, etc.)
  • librarians/information specialists provide forms, standards and constant monitoring of bibliographic data
  • The Ministry, the financiers of scientific research, scientific policies makers, various commissions, agencies, foundations and others use CROSBI as a tool for different evaluation analyzes, whereby the data are publicly available and accessible to all
  • starting from a view point where every piece of information is valuable, a broad concept of a bibliography has been achieved which, except for publications in journals and books, includes book chapters, textbooks and scripts, publications, posters and lectures from conferences, all kinds of dissertations (final, graduate and doctoral dissertations), patents, technical reports, encyclopedia entries, publications popularizing science, softwares, studies, expertises, graphic and architectural designs, as well as different media (text, audio, video, animation, multimedia), and various information carriers (print, online, etc.).
  • the possibility of insight into the parts of scientific publications considered to be the most significant according to the valid evaluation criteria of the scientific-research output was realized.

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