University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry

The modern Faculty of Chemistry, an institution of the Belgrade University, developed from "Licej" (Lyceum) (1838-1863) and "Velika škola" (Advanced School) (1863-1905).

The main  activities of the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade are higher education and research.

The Faculty of Chemistry was accredited for the following programmes of study by the decision number 612-00-00162/7/2020-03 of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission of the Republic of Serbia issued on November 6th 2020:

  • Basic academic studies: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental chemistry;
  • Integrated academic studies: Chemistry Education;
  • Graduate studies: Chemistry; Biochemistry; Environmental Chemistry;
  • Doctoral studies: Chemistry; Biochemistry.

Educational activity at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade is carried out through scientific programmes of studies.

The Faculty carries out its scientific activity as an equally important aspect of its general activities.

Scientific work is carried out thorough basic, applied and development research performed in order to further develop science and profession, improve the quality of teaching, improve one's scientific knowledge and professional skills, motivate the younger generation of people to work in the fields of science and education, introduce students into the world of science work as well as to create financial requirements for the Faculty to operate and develop.

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