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The University of Maribor was established in 1975. With its 17 Faculties, the University Library Maribor and the Student Dormitories, it is the second largest and second oldest university in Slovenia with a long tradition. During these years, it became a successful scientific institution, the primary mission and guiding principle of which is the dissemination and enrichment of knowledge. It is rapidly developing new areas of activity, testing new study methods and seeking new ways of integrating with its environment.

Interdisciplinarity is highly valued, as its faculties cover the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, medicine, biotechnology, social sciences, humanities and other sciences. By creating a working environment that encourages academic freedom, the University of Maribor wants to encourage the achievement of top scientific and artistic achievements.

Special attention is also paid to the involvement of students in research work and decision-making bodies as well as to the cooperation with the economy both in the field of knowledge and technology transfer into practice as well as in the field of connecting and networking students and graduates with employers in terms of transition to the labour market. The University of Maribor is an institution offering numerous career development opportunities. Graduates, researchers and professors are successful on the domestic and world stage.

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