National Science Library at Tbilisi State University

National Scientific Library is the biggest library in Georgia in a number of collection items and in space. It was founded in 1941 and currently contains 3 buildings:

  • Former Central Library of Georgian Academy of Sciences
    Collections: General and science (including humanitarian and social sciences) books and periodicals in Georgian and foreign languages including current and 19-20th century publications (books, journals, newspapers, magazines, maps, etc), copies of ancient Georgian manuscripts, rare Georgian and European books, libraries-collections of prominent Georgian scholars. Size of collection: about 3.5 Mln items books, 2.5 Mln periodicals.
  • Science and Technology Library (founded in 1965)
    Collection: Patent and standard documents current Georgian, of Soviet period, foreign (USA, Europe, Japan, etc). Size of collection: about 22 Mln patents.
  • Library-Museum of I. Grishashvili (since in 1961)
    Rare materials (books, cards, newspapers-magazines, posters, photos, disks, maps. etc) collected by Georgian writer and academician Ioseb (Josef) Grishashvili, his personal archive. Size of collection: about 100 000 items.

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Digital Repository of Georgian Scientific Works

National repository of scientific works






Merab Aleksidze Str., II lane, No3, 0193 Tbilisi, Georgia (GE)


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Nino Pavliashvili, CEO
phone: +995599268524

The NI4OS-Europe project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 European research infrastructures grant agreement no. 857645.