RePol - Repository Policy Generator

Tool for creation of repository and privacy policies for web-based services and organisations

RePol – Repository Policy Generator is an open-source web application that helps the user create and maintain comprehensive and clear repository policies and privacy policies for web-based services. Generated privacy policies are suitable for any kind of service. RePol uses a step-by-step wizard and self-explanatory forms to guide the user through the policy-defining process. By choosing among the offered options, the user shapes a policy document formulated in line with the current best practice. With the resulting policies, the resource owner can more easily align the service with GDPR requirements as well as those for onboarding and participation in open-science infrastructures.

The resulting document may be downloaded as an XML file, additionally customized, and manually edited before it is integrated into the service or repository. Individual policy elements are provided in a machine-readable format, allowing for an automated interpretation of created policies and metadata extraction by registries, catalogues and various operational, data discovery and workflow tools.

This extensible web application can be configured to generate any other type of policy document, due to the versatile nature of its configurable forms and templates.

RePol is an open-source Java web application (using EE Web API 7.0) built upon Java Server Faces 2.2 framework, with PrimeFaces 7 components. It generates documents using FreeMarker 2.3 library.

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University of Belgrade Computer Centre

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Biljana Kosanović, Repository Development Team Coordinator
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The NI4OS-Europe project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 European research infrastructures grant agreement no. 857645.